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Avatar Systems proudly offers a full line of Superior Hardware products that compliment your oil & gas accounting software. When you buy directly from Avatar, you not only get to take advantage of our purchase power (which means lower prices for you!) but we also custom-configure your hardware to match your business needs. Plus, our representatives can recommend the best and most efficient hardware so that you can be confident you are making a smart business decision. Contact Avatar today to learn more!

  • IBM as400
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Fujitsu

IBM iSeries

Since 1996, Avatar Systems, Inc. has been a certified IBM Business Partner for iSeries IBM and blade servers. Avatar’s staff is IBM educated and certified to properly configure and price any configuration tosuit your company. Avatar is also very competent in providing system managed services for iSeries hardware. The IBM iSeries hardware is the perfect compliment to your Avatar400 software. Contact Avatar today for more information about our IBM products.


Avatar Systems, Inc. predominately utilizes Dell rack-mounted hardware in it’s North Texas Data Center for Windows based applications. Due to Avatar’s volume purchasing power, Avatar can provide excellent pricing for all your server, laptop, workstation computing needs. When you buy directly from Avatar, we can custom configure your hardware to meet the needs of Avatar’s applications, enabling your software to work more efficiently and productively. Contact Avatar directly for all your Dell hardware needs.


Avatar Systems, Inc. is a proud reseller of all HP products, including workstations, servers, laptops and more. Buying directly from Avatar allows you to get excellent pricing, due to Avatar’s volume purchasing power. The benefit of allowing Avatar to provide your hardware is that Avatar custom configures your hardware to meet the needs of Avatar’s applications. Contact Avatar directly for all your HP hardware needs.


In direct relationship to our reseller arrangement with Docuphase Imaging Software, Avatar has an established reseller agreement with Fujitsu, which allows our company to provide you with the full line of professional Fujitsu Document Scanning devices. Avatar can determine based upon your document imaging volume, which scanner will best suit your company for long-term use and reliability. Contact Avatar to obtain a free quote for your document imaging hardware needs.