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Oildex software helps simplify, streamline, and speed up the processing of revenue, cost, and production information. It also dramatically improves workflow and productivity by eliminating the need for paper and time-consuming, manual tasks. Plus with its built-in business intelligence, Oildex helps managers and interest owners gain strategic insights into the profitability of assets and active projects, pinpoint areas for cost savings, and better forecast cash needs.

Transzap's Oildex SaaS system has grown to become one of the largest and most relied upon web-based information exchanges in the oil and natural gas industry.

Today, it serves more than 9000 companies/clients and 200,000 registered users.

Clients include all major oil companies, hundreds of independent oil and gas producers, the world's largest banks, and tens of thousands of royalty and working interest owners.

OILDEX Overview
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OilDex Image Oildex software helps oil and natural gas operators improve productivity and save money by streamlining their business processes and making back office operations more efficient.
Checkstub Connect (CDEX) - The world's largest oil and gas revenue data exchange
Spendworks - Oildex's industry leading ePayables system for processing invoices, field tickets, and purchase orders
Trendx - Oildex's powerful business intelligence solution
JIB Connect - Electronic JIB exchanges
Owner Relations Connect - The industry's most powerful owner-operator relations tool, providing users with web-accessible statements of revenue, production, gas balance, joint interest bills, and more
Run Ticket Connect (CODE) - A system for delivering digitized run tickets, summary statements, and tank tables, which can be imported directly into a company's existing ERP software