The Integra Energy Management System is the ultimate oil and gas accounting software for managing working and royalty interest ownership, drilling operations, exploration and development of properties and more for the oil and gas enterprise.
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Oil and Gas Accounting Software users Since 1983, oil and gas operators, investors and drilling companies have chosen the Integra Energy Management Software System to streamline their accounting, land, production and drilling operations management. We continuously enhance our products with intuitive interfaces such as imaging, land mapping and field data capture, in order to remain the most efficient and user friendly solution available.

Support from Experienced Oil & Gas Industry Professionals
Oil and Gas Accounting Training It's more important than ever to get your training and support from people with actual experience in the oil and gas industry. Your system purchase includes analysis by oil and gas professionals with years of experience in helping companies with their unique needs. Our specialists will work with you from the sale through installation, training and set-up to assure a successful implementation.