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Accurate and Timely Reports

PetroSync Express removes the probability of error using a completely electronic reporting system from the pump to the office.

From pick-ups to deliveries, you can track, record and utilize up-to-the-minute information so that you can spend more time where it counts. Your office staff won’t be wasting their time hand-keying crude oil tickets, entering data, validating data and tracking. Instead, volume is calculated electronically at gathering and off load points. Log discrepancies and error-prone manual data input is minimized, even eliminated. Numerous reports are either automatically generated, or available with a few clicks of your mouse

The Most Comprehensive Reports Available

  • Driver’s Daily Log
  • Driver Daily Pickup Schedule
  • Pickup Load Recap
  • Reject/Dropped Load Report
  • Daily LACT Meter Schedule
  • Monthly Truck Fluid Statistics
  • Station Inventory Pickup/Delivery Schedule
  • Fuel Cost Report by Driver/Truck
  • Mileage by State by Truck Report