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Thank you for your interest in our products. Avatar is the most popular oil and gas software on the market, but what separates us from the competition? The thing we do the best here at Avatar is provide superior customer service. Our relationship with the customer doesn’t end with a sale, that’s just the beginning. There are other companies that provide energy and software services, but at Avatar, we strive to build a strong working relationship through excellent customer care.

The second thing we do best? We enable our customers to fully utilize the power that our software offers, through extensive online or onsite training and also directly from our offices in Tyler, Frisco and Midland.

Avatar is engaged in providing oil and gas solutions for accounting, land, production, and document imaging, as well as other applications. All of these applications can be licensed and installed at your site or used on a subscription basis. And, with Avatar’s cloud services, you can access all of your applications- including third-party software- from any location using nothing more than an Internet connection. That is a powerful statement. Computing is now accessible through all forms of remote devices and desktop systems. Coupled with Cloud services is our comprehensive data protection service that creates a protective umbrella of safety over your vital data. We also provide our Remote backup services solution for customers who choose not to process in the cloud but at their in-house location.

Avatar is a dynamic company that empowers your company to be accessible anywhere with application processing being distributed globally or simply, between your home and office. Expand your company’s capabilities to allow employees and management the freedom to access data and data services virtually. No matter application you own today or plan to purchase, Avatar can make that application available to your team in the Cloud.

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