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PetroSync Express Dispatch

PetroSync Express delivers real-time, 24/7 driver information to dispatchers through our intelligent and user-friendly interface.

PetroSync Express eliminates the manual and error-prone process of dispatching and scheduling trucks, pick-ups and more with one easy-to-use application. Your dispatchers will appreciate the abundance of information they have on-hand 24/7 with our automatic syncs to trucks in the field. Dispatchers know when loads have been picked up and delivered. They can also check on load statuses at any time. PetroSync Express utilizes an innovative dispatching system with “drag-and-drop” scheduling. With empowered and knowledgeable dispatchers, you can expect to see increased truck utilization and a more efficient truck schedule.

Sellers will appreciate PetroSync Express’ automatic email notifications when loads have been picked up as well as if the load was rejected and for what reasons. PetroSync Express makes your business run more efficiently and improves your professional image in the Crude Hauling Industry.

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