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What is PetroSync Express?

Real-time transactions. Paper Reports & Tickets Eliminated. Seamlessly linked hauling fleets to offices.

PetroSync Express is an in-cab computing application and full dispatch system that was custom-built from the ground-up by software experts in the Oil & Gas Industry. Using touch screen tablet computers, your fleet of drivers complete real-time run tickets, driver logs, deliveries to station and morning measurements. This information is immediately available to your entire team. Plus, PetroSync Express can be retro-fitted to any back office system to seamlessly integrate for revenue distribution and run ticket synchronization/upload. PetroSync Express essentially puts your business in sync, empowering your tanker drivers and creating a vastly superior management environment.

Quick Start-Up. Countless Benefits.

  • Utilize up-to-the-minute data to proactively manage drivers
  • Eliminate paper driver logs, crude oil tickets and duplicate data entry
  • Enjoy all the benefits of a Native Microsoft Windows application with direct connectivity to wireless (WIFI) and cellular networks with real-time reporting and delivery status
  • Eliminate time spent generating reports. PetroSync Express automatically generates multiple reports, including historical data and well specific data