The Avatar400 Energy Solution is the most powerful oil and gas, energy and production software system on the market today.

Avatar's Production Management System provides the required management reporting functions needed today. Its sorting capabilities allow engineers, geologists, and others to obtain production data to meet their individualized needs. Users can analyze financial and production statistics and make faster decisions. For example, they can identify variances between sales and production volumes and values to verify receipt of monies associated with produced volumes sold.

With streamlined data entry, the system automates the tracking of oil and gas production data, and it generates the operators' production reports required by government regulators. Entering the production information can be obtained by many methods. Entries can be manually input, uploaded from spreadsheets, or interfaced with hand-held methods. Non-operated property information can be entered for internal reporting. With streamlined data entry, the system eliminates many manual tasks.

The Production System has both reporting for internal purposes and for state reporting. Some states will allow you to transmit your reports electronically. You have an option of printing those reports or electronically filing them. As clients go into states that are not listed on the menu, Avatar Systems will program that state's report at no charge.

The Production System can be fully integrated with our Accounting system or operate as a stand-alone production system. Flexible and comprehensive, the system includes:

  • Delivers integration for balancing and accrual data.
  • Provides multiple, on-line inquiry capabilities of production data.
  • Automates governmental operators' production reports
  • Provides for production chart integration
  • Analyzes production downtime
  • Reports volume variances including run tickets, meter tickets, run statements, and revenue checks
  • Downloads production history to personal computers integrating with most reserve analysis programs
  • Generates various reporting production levels by field, by operator, and other levels

The Production System's master files are designed to enter information that is required for state reporting and for editing purposes within the Avatar System. Shown below are some of these master files.

Well Control Record The production system utilizes the same well number as accounting to allow reconciliation between sales and production.

Tank Control Record The tank control record allows the user to enter the tank strappings for measurement purposes.

Unit to Well Allocation Tables This allows allocations for commingled properties. The system can create these allocation tables based on daily production, well test data, or you can manually create them.