The IntegraASP Energy Management System is the ultimate oil and gas accounting software for managing the financial reporting of working and royalty interest ownership, drilling operations, exploration and development of properties for the oil and gas enterprise.

Land Management

The Lease and Tract Management application is designed to manage a company’s lease inventory and related acreage and interest information for tracking ownership and obligations, rentals, payments or receipts for leases.

The land system is integrated with other Integra applications allowing land leases to be associated with accounting properties, and for the creation of ownership decks. Also, an interface to the Geographix LeaseMap system is provided.

Integra Land Management will process delay rental, bonus and damages checks and interfaces to Integra Joint Interest Billing for automated billing of your partner’s share of actual expenses.
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The Integra Contracts application is designed to allow you to create and maintain a secure database of contracts, related provisions and user defined fields that represent the type of contracts relative to your organization.

The system allows you to assign the Contract Area and Contract Identifier to be either Character or Numeric via a flexible system setup option, thus supporting various contract numbering methods.

The system allows you to relate Narrative Text, Obligations, Provisions, User Defined Data Fields, User Defined Provisions, Map References, Contract References, Properties and Land Mineral Leases to the Contracts when entered. The system is very configurable with user defined contract types, provisions and data fields being configurable at system setup. Once these system configurable files are defined, the Integra Contracts application allows for efficient setup of contract information for each contract maintained within your organization.

For Contracts have been entered and cross-referenced to other related Integra data, the system provides various inquiry and lookup options for locating and viewing contract information on-line as well as a point and click interface to any related Imaged Documents and Agreements via the Integra Imaging Application. Flexible reporting options include Expiring Contracts, Obligations Coming Due, Contract Registers and Contract Briefs. These and other reports may be generated on demand by the system once the contract information is entered. Integration with the Integra Query Manager provides you additional robust data extraction and reporting capabilities.

All these capabilities and more are available via Integra's secure per user permission controlled interface and result in a robust Contract Information tracking capability.


  • User-defined Contract Types
  • User-defined Contract Obligations/Provisions
  • Flexible Contract Brief Printing
  • Cross Reference to Contracts/Leases/Tracts/Properties
  • On-Demand Reporting

Lease Tract Management

The Integra Lease & Tract Management application provides comprehensive management and control of land records, delay rental functions, lease obligations maintenance and tracking and other reporting and analysis functions required by land and lease owners. The system provides for entry and maintenance of lease information, rental payments and rental billing information, as well as legal descriptions, remarks, special obligations, well references, tracts and leasehold ownership information.

Integra Land Management will process delay rental, bonus and damages checks and interfaces to Integra Joint Interest Billing for automated billing of your partner's share of actual expenses. Land lease records include rental payment status, lease status, acreage and bonus information and more. Legal description, general remarks, location description and obligation descriptions are handled as well as trigger dates for obligations, expirations and rentals coming due. Rental payment due dates can be scheduled on standard annual, semi-annual or quarterly dates, or on odd month schedules as required. A detail rental payment history file is maintained showing lessor, depository agency (bank), check date, check number, bank charges and rental amount. This file provides a complete rental payment history as well as providing the annual totals required for year-end 1099 reporting.

The system also allows for ownership maintenance and computes ownership at various levels for display on screen and in reporting. The ownership is tract sensitive, allowing for a tract by tract analysis of leasehold interest. Tract information is maintained to allow breakdown inside a general lease level to track ownership, obligations and rentals to specific tract levels. Integra Lease & Tract Management allows printing of reports on demand including Lease and Tract Inventory Registers, Lease and Rental Calendars, Lease Data Sheets, Expiring Leases, Rentals & Obligations Coming Due Reports and more. Integration with Integra's Query Manager allows you to create unlimited ad-hoc queries and reports. The Query Manager's powerful Data Selectors and sorting, exporting and printing features allow you to easily create powerful queries from your Lease & Tract database. Integra's Lease & Track Data Selector is integrated into all reporting to provide powerful and flexible selection and sorting options.

Integra Land Management allows delay rental payments at any time during the month or only once per month, based on your needs. Rentals coming due reports are printed in addition to detail and summary check registers and actual delay rental checks. Integra Lease & Tract Management will automatically post billing and accounting entries to Integra Joint Interest Billing or Integra General Ledger. An interface to the Integra Bank Reconciliation system is available for check printing reconciliation if installed. Comprehensive audit trails are included as well as password security features to protect your records from unauthorized access.


  • Lease Agreement Inventory
  • Tract Based
  • Rental & Royalty Programs
  • Lease Obligations/Provisions
  • Flexible On-Demand Reporting