The IntegraASP Energy Management System is the ultimate oil and gas accounting software for managing the financial reporting of working and royalty interest ownership, drilling operations, exploration and development of properties for the oil and gas enterprise.

Royalty Owner

The Integra Royalty Owner Solution provides oil and gas royalty owners and investors with an integrated suite of software components to manage the accounting and reporting needs of their organization. Integra is a configurable software system designed to meet the needs of individual royalty owners, royalty management companies, institutional investors and trusts. Integra’s scaleable database architecture is offered in four editions that can meet the needs of one to hundreds of concurrent users.

The integrated nature of the Integra solution components allows our clients to configure a software solution to meet their individual needs and to enhance their solution as needs change. Keyboard revenue check stub entry with purchaser-specific data entry screen configurations supports rapid entry and validation of line item revenue detail. The industry recognized CDEX Interface component provides an eCommerce alternative to manual heads-down data entry of revenue line item detail. Comprehensive property, general ledger and financial reporting components support company and property management information reporting needs. Integra’s industry standard financial and depletion reporting provides your accounting staff and CPA firm with information in an easy to use format
General Ledger

The Integra General Ledger is a comprehensive financial management and reporting system that provides flexibility in recording and analyzing corporate financial activity. The General Ledger application is fully integrated with all Integra Energy Management System solutions and forms the core of Integra's financial & management information system. Integra General Ledger retains all detail financial transactions as well as account balance information on a fiscal or calendar year basis.

Organizations chart of accounts can be shared by more than one business entity using the system. Integrated financial reporting allows you to produce standard financial reports such as the Statement Of Operations, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet reports. Integra General Ledger provides flexibility in financial analysis reports with features such as the inclusion of comparative period information with percentage change or 6 and 12 month Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet comparative reporting.

Historical activity is maintained for all detail transactions and account and sub-ledger balances for any defined period of time allowing unlimited retention of prior period financial records. Integra incorporates on-line inquiry of financial balances by account and sub ledger with integrated drill-down to detail level transactions for any time period.

Eliminating archaic requirements to print paper reports and perform monthly "summarizations" or "closings" are benefits of the open period design of Integra's general ledger database. By customizing the chart of accounts and associated financial code "printing instructions" the system can generate financial reports with multiple levels of detail.

Integration with Integra's Oil & Gas Property Ledger application as well as organization-defined Cost Center and Subsidiary Ledger posting allows Integra General Ledger to perform accounting functions that meet your organizations unique needs. By encompassing basic financial data retention and standard financial reporting as well as comprehensive comparative and consolidated financial reporting, Integra General Ledger can meet your most demanding needs.


  • Detail General Ledger Reporting
  • Detail Account Inquiry
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • No Monthly Closing Required
  • Consolidated Financial Reporting
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Property Ledger

The Integra Property Ledger provides financial reporting capability on a property (lease and/or lease/well) level. Information is automatically posted to the Integra Property Ledger system when entering transactions in other Integra Oil & Gas Accounting applications.

The Integra Property Ledger system works in conjunction with, and as a special sub-ledger to, the Integra General Ledger. Property trial balances are maintained and provide since inception reporting on a property level basis for the owner's share. As a sub-ledger of the Integra General Ledger system, the property ledger is open for all years of history in open item detail format for posting and reporting purposes. The system allows on screen inquiry by property to each detail transaction coded in the system or to the property ledger balances by month and year.

The system optionally allows you to maintain detail and/or summary information online for as many years as you need for future analysis. The historical periods are not immediately available for direct posting or reporting options but on screen inquiry provides quick access to this data. The Integra Property Ledger system produces several cash flow reports and financial property management reports. Property income and expense reporting is available and summary and detail property ledger reports may be produced. The Integra Revenue Entry & Validation application will work in conjunction with the Integra Property Ledger system to produce Net Comparative Lease Operating Reports.

The Integra Joint Interest Billing and Integra Revenue Distribution modules will interface to allow 100% comparative reporting options. State property ledger reporting is available to help prepare tax returns for owners who have production income and expenses in different states. The system allows multiple reporting options and generous selection criteria for extracting reports. Comprehensive audit trails are included as well as password security features to protect your records from unauthorized access.

  • On-Demand Reporting & Inquiry Detail Property Ledger Reporting
  • Consolidated Property Reports
  • 100% Lease Operating Report
  • Net Lease Operating Report

Revenue Entry

The Integra Revenue Entry & Validation application provides oil and gas revenue verification and flexible reporting options to help oil & gas property owners verify they have been paid properly and book income and deductions. The system is capable of identifying division order records with no income received because each division order record keeps track of the last payment date per interest type. The division order payment date is updated once information has been fully processed for a month.

Users can enter oil and gas sales directly from the purchaser check stub in the format reported by the purchaser, either gross or net share. The system allows you to customize and save an input screen to match the information given by each purchaser's check stub. This will allow you to enter into the system only the information reported to you on the purchaser's check stub in the order that it is reported. The module has an on-screen verification feature for cash received based on your interest in each property. Your share of revenue and deductions are posted to the cumulative oil and gas sales history files where current and historical data is saved and may be retrieved for reporting purposes. If you have Integra CDEX (Check Stub Data Exchange) installed, you may download your revenue detail items and the information can be fed directly into Integra Revenue Entry.

Integra Revenue Entry & Validation produces a wide variety of oil and gas sales reports with detail by production or accounting date as well as summary and detail reports by property or purchaser. Flexible reporting dates and options, including interest types and products, are available for reporting. This provides access to the information stored in your historical oil & gas sales file. Recap reports are available by production or accounting date showing a twelve-month analysis of information stored in the system. Integra Revenue Entry & Validation will generate general ledger accounting entries for your oil and gas revenue items and deductions through the Integra General Ledger. Comprehensive audit trails are included as well as a password security system feature to protect your accounting records from unauthorized access.

The Integra Revenue Entry & Validation application interfaces to the Integra Revenue Distribution system for distribution & allocation processing functions. The system allows for combined entry of direct and distributable information and will process the transactions and send the information to the appropriate module for further posting or processing. The Integra Revenue Entry & Validation module incorporates enhanced revenue verification functions that allow for the entry and maintenance of proper 8/8's information in situations where there are gas balancing or exempt ownership problems related to the verification and processing of sales transactions


  • Purchaser Specific Entry Screens
  • On-Screen Verification of Revenues
  • Revenue Accrual Capability
  • No Income Received Reporting
  • CDEX (Check Stub Data Exchange)
  • Accounting/Production Date Handling
  • Revenue History Inquiry
  • Receipt Decimal Validation
  • Purchaser Cross Reference - Division Order File
  • Diverse Reporting Options